Ouch Drill



  1. Build a grid 20X30 (may adjust if too large or small).
  2. Every player begins in the grid with a ball.
  3. The coach and assistant coach start in the grid without a ball.


  1. The coaches jog around in the grid and players try to kick their balls and hit the coaches.
  2. The players get a point each time they hit the coach.
  3. The coach should yell OUCH each time they are hit to make the game FUN.
  4. For younger players, the coach can walk around their knees.

Coaching Points

  • Encourage players to get their head up and look for the coaches while dribbling.
  • Make sure the players are striking the ball with the proper part of the foot.

Equipment Required

  • Disc Cones
  • Soccer Practice or Training Balls


Sharks and Minnows



  1. Build a grid approximately 20X25 yards. This field should be adjusted based on the skill level and number of players participating.
  2. Two players are designated the SHARK start in the middle of the grid without a ball.
  3. The remaining player starts with a ball on one of the end lines.


  1. The minnows, the players with the ball, attempt to swim from one end line to the other while keeping their ball away from the sharks.
  2. The sharks attempt to gain possession and knock the minnows ball out of the grid. Once this happens, the minnow becomes a shark.
  3. The last minnow standing wins the competition.


  • Players only use left foot to dribble.
  • Players use outside of feet to dribble.
  • Players use sole of feet to dribble.

Coaching Points

  • Keep the dribblers under control and not paniced once the sharks get near them.
  • Inform players to keep the ball close within playing distance.

Equipment Required

  • Disc Cones
  • Scrimmage Pennies/Vests
  • Soccer Practice or Training Balls


 King of the Ring


The players begin by dribbling around inside the ring in any direction.

Keeping their own ball under close control they must try to knock another player’s ball out of the ring.

To be successful players must decide who to attack and use defensive skills to knock their ball out, while being aware that they might be attacked from a different angle.

Once a player’s ball has been knocked out they are out of the fight and must not touch another player’s ball.

Any player who has been knocked out should collect their ball and walk around the outside of the ring with it so you can clearly see who is in and who is out.

When down to the final 2 or 3 players introduce a time limit to encourage them to win.

If there is no winner before the time is up everyone can rejoin and start again.

Main Objectives

Close control, turning, tackling, defending, decision making.

Set Up

Area: 30×30 yard square
Players: 12
Equipment: 12 balls


Don’t Feed the Monkeys


The Rules

2 monkeys are placed inside the monkey cage (inner circle) and are guarded by 4 zoo keepers who start in the zoo itself (outer circle). 6 visitors start on the cones forming the perimeter of the zoo with a ball each.

The visitors must try to feed the monkeys by passing a ball to them.

The monkey must be able to control the pass and return it to the visitor for a point to count. The zoo keepers must try to stop the monkeys being fed by intercepting passes with their feet or head.

The monkeys cannot leave their cage, while the zoo keepers and visitors cannot enter the cage or leave the zoo itself.

Visitors can interchange balls in order to keep the defenders guessing and change the point of attack.

Play for 2 or 3 minutes and record the scores. The winners can be the visitors with most points scored or the zoo keepers with the least points scored against them, or both.

Main Objectives

Accuracy and weight of passing, control, first touch, anticipating and intercepting passes.

Set Up

Area: 10 yard radius outer circle with 3 yard radius inner circle
Players: 12(you can have fewer players)
Equipment: 12 cones, 12 balls(you can have fewer balls and cones as well)


Attack the Cone Dribbling Skills


The emphasis of this soccer drill is on dribbling. Set up five cones as shown in the diagram to form a 15 x 15 yard square with one cone in the middle. There is a player at each cone with a ball (except the cone in the middle). In the first sequence, the players dribble the ball up to the cone and retreat back to their original position. The goal is to maintain possession of the ball the entire time.  Each time players should push themselves to go a little bit faster.  In this first sequence all four players can go at the same time. In the second sequence only the two players opposite of each other go at the same time.  This time they do a move on the cone and keep going to the opposite cone.  Players need to keep their heads up and read the other player to avoid collisions.

Goals Required: 


Balls Required: 


Players Required: