What equipment is required for my player?

A: Soccer ball (5-8U size 3, 9-12U size 4, 13U and up size 5), shin guards, cleats (5/6U may wear tennis shoes, but cleats are recommended.) Uniform for games – will depend upon age as to what this entails.  If you need assistance for any of these items, please contact the Club. We have items available that may work for you.  

Can my player wear earrings, jewelry, hair clips, hard casts?

A: No jewelry other than medic alert is permitted. Hair clips that are hard can injure a player and are not allowed. Players with a cast may be allowed to play if the cast is soft wrapped. But the final determination for any playing is up to the Referee.

What will be the practice schedule for my player's team?

A: The practice schedule is determined by the coach and can vary. Teams often practice twice a week for an hour or a little more and can be any day of the week that works for the coach. It’s when it works best for them and you may need to adjust your schedule to accommodate.  The best way to know what the schedule will be is to be the one to set the schedule - become a coach. If interested in coaching, please contact a director of coaches and register today.

When are my player’s games played?

A: Please check the program details for this information.

When will I hear from my player’s coach?

A: Coaches receive their rosters about 3 weeks before the first game and after the Coaches meeting. You will not hear from them until after that time period.

What if my player decides not to play or is no longer able to play after I completed registration?

A: Depending upon the reason and how far into the season the request is made, some of the registration amount may be refunded upon Board approval. Processing fees will be withheld from the refund amount.

How do I get Team Connect for my team?

A: Once Team Connect is activated for the team, an email is generated to the primary contact. This may go to your spam folder. If you are unable to get it there, if you go to Bondurantsc.Iowasoccerlive.org and log in (using a computer and not a mobile device) - you will get the option to go to the Team Page.  This is also how you can add additional contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) Coaches do not have an option to add people to Team Connect - only someone on the site using a computer can add additional people for their player. 

Can I help out the coach for my player’s team?

A: Yes – but only if you register. Due to governing bodies rules and federal law, we can only have those folks who register (completing a thorough background check and trainings) are allowed to interact with the players. We would love to have you help – just contact the Director of Coaches and complete your registration today.

How do I know if the person with my team is approved to assist?

A: You can check out the approved list anytime at http://www.Iowasoccerlive.org/approvedcoacheslist. This is updated every Friday with the most recent information.

What if I don’t agree with what a referee called on the play?

A: The referees do their best with what they can see and how they feel the situation played out. If you have any concerns, please contact our Director of Referees at Mark.Feld7@gmail.com. It is not ok, under any circumstances, for you to yell at the referee or come onto the field and confront them. Doing this can get you removed from the Club.

We have an unruly parent on our team or the team that we played against. Is there anything that can be done?

A: If it’s during a game at BSC fields, please contact the Board Member on Duty. They are available to assist in these situations. If at a different location or you want to advise the club of the situation further, please contact our President at BonSoccerPrez@gmail.com with the details and, if applicable, any evidence. They will help deal with the situation with that person/club.

How else can I volunteer?

A: We are always in need of folks who can help out in the concession stand, run a mower, willing to help paint lines on fields, general clean up, or help with field days. Contact a Board member and they can help get you going.

How do I contact a Board Member

A: Check out the BSC Board tab for the email addresses of the various board members.

Are dogs allowed at the soccer complex?

A: Yes. Please be sure to clean up after them and keep them on a close leash. Any owners or animals who are not controlled will be asked to leave.