What do I do if it is raining/snowing/freezing/super hot/lightning?

A: If fields at BSC are closed, signs will be posted, website announcement added, and Facebook will be updated. If lightning, games may be delayed 30 minutes for each strike. If the weather is junky otherwise, then it is up to the coach’s discretion as to if practice or game is played. For 5/6U, the Director will make the decision. If tornado sirens are going off, all play is off and everyone should take appropriate shelter. If your game is at another complex and you are unsure as to whether the game should be played or not, you will want to be in contact with the other coach. Field status that has been reported to ISA is available at http://www.iowasoccer.org/facility_status_league_play/.

How do I reschedule a game?

A: You need to be in contact with the opposing team coach to work out a time that works for both of you. If the game is away, then that coach will have to work with their club to get the field and referee(s). If at BSC field, contact Mark.Feld7@gmail.com to schedule the field and referee(s) and advise BonSoccerConcession@gmail.com to ensure that other needs are met.

When/how do I contact the opposing team coach?

A: 9U and up are available in Tourney Machine. 7/8U are available in email that you received. 5/6U will contact your director. For all, contact your Director of Coaches with any questions or issues you may have.

What are player cards/coach badges? Do I need these?

A: Player and coach cards help referees know who is registered with a club. These are required to be shared with a referee at any game played. If you do not have a player card, contract the Registrar to see about getting that. Players cannot play without them.

When will I receive my roster and schedule?

A: Rosters and player cards are handed out at the coach meeting right before the season starts. You will only receive player cards for those who have completed their full registration. Rosters sent via email so that you have a copy available at all times. Referees may ask for this to confirm your team.

What if I am short players for our game?

A: If you know ahead of time, you are be able to request guest players or you may reschedule. Guest player requests must be submitted by Friday in advance of the game and be approved prior to being able to be used.

When are practices?

A: You are allowed to start practices approximately 2 weeks before the season starts (depending upon the weather). You determine the days/times, working with your Director of Coaches for practice field availability. You are NOT allowed to practice on game fields. Doing so can cost you the right to play and could cause the Club to lose the right to use that field. Only a scrimmage game against another team is allowed on the BSC game fields, but NEVER the school fields, and only if the field is available.

Do I need to provide my own equipment?

A: We provide a coach bag, pennies, cones, first aid kit, and a couple of practice balls to each coach. If there’s something more you would like, contact the Director of Equipment to get that for you.