If you are interested in being a Ref for the Bondurant Soccer Club, please contact our Director of Referees at mark.feld7@gmail.com.
Re-certification as a referee

If you are needing to re-certify, there are a few ways to satisfy your continuing education requirements.  They are:

1) A great event called the Terry Vaughn Referee Academy each spring.  
2) Free online modules.

March 2019 Referee Meeting Notes
• U7/8: Four 10 minute quarters
• U9/10: 25 minute halves
o U9/10 only: GKs must play out with their hands or drop to their feet. No longer able to punt the ball. Defense must retreat to the halfway line
• U11/12: 30 minute halves
o U11 and under, no intentional heading allowed. If there is an infraction, indirect free kick
• U13/14: 35 minute halves
• U15/16: 40 minute halves
• U17+: 45 minute halves
o All games will have a 10 minute half-time unless the teams want to play earlier (with the exception of U7/8)
• Offside rule applies at U9 and up. If you don’t have 2 ARs, find a parent/sibling to help out
• You can now play the ball backwards right from a kick-off. The kicker may stand in the opposing teams half
• Equipment:
o Be sure to wear black shorts/socks/jersey.
o You will need a whistle/R&Y cards/score sheet/coin/stop watch/flags for ARs
o Try to have all referees wearing the same color if possible. I would recommend having yellow as the primary and green as a secondary. Other colors can be added over time.
o You may need to place corner flags if you’re refereeing the first game. If you are refereeing the last game, kindly pickup the corner flags and put them in the concession stand.
• Please arrive 30 minutes prior to kickoff to ensure the game start on time. We want to make sure games stay on schedule.
• Be sure to introduce yourself to the coaches prior to the start of match. Make sure everyone is on the same page (heading rules, offside rules, and substitutions). This will also help build rapport and can potentially help de-escalate a situation if you are on friendly terms already.
• Be sure to keep a level head. It can be tough when coaches/parents/players are getting on your back about calls but remember to stay calm and if needed stop the game and have a calm conversation about what is going on. As always, reach out to me if a situation gets out of control (515-314-6875, mark.feld7@gmail.com)
• Have fun!
Referee Uniforms
If you need a new referee uniform to match the correct style or an additional color, contact keeransoccer@outlook.com. She may be able to save you money on your order with the club discount.