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Players in 7-19U registration is open June 1 - July 10. Early bird discount June 1 - June 15. Regular registration fee June 15 - July 10. Late registrant fee July 10 - July 22.


Players in 5/6U - Registration is open June 1 - Aug 1

U7+ Team Formation Meeting July 25. Coaches Meeting the week of Aug 2. Typically practices start when school starts. 7-19U games start September weekend after labor days

5/6U starts Tuesday, Sept 7.

Season typically ends the first weekend in November.


Welcome to the Bondurant Soccer Club registration page!
Sportsmanship, conduct, and our policies within the Bondurant Soccer Club are many items that we hold imperative to our players and parents. Please read the below information and let's continue to have a great season of soccer!

General Policy
Fees are payable upon registration. No player may be assigned to a team or participate in club activities until all applicable fees have been paid and other requirements of the registration process has been completed. A player’s assignment priority will be based on the date on which registration is fully completed.

A late fee may be charged for registrations received after a pre-announced deadline.

Registration fees are accepted under a “No Refunds” policy. Further provisions of this policy permit refunds under specific circumstances.

Gift certificates donated by the club to community organizations may be used in place of a registration fee. Gift certificates cover the standard registration fee only; they do not include any applicable late fees or other charges.

Fees are paid for the current season or program, and cannot be carried forward to a future season or program.

A player is considered to have withdrawn when either the player’s parent or his/her coach has notified the Registrar. The Registrar will determine eligibility for a refund based on the circumstances and the date of that notification. Note that there is no burden on the coach to notify the Registrar of a withdrawal in time for a refund; if a parent is seeking a refund it is his/her sole responsibility to contact the Registrar directly.

If a family’s membership is terminated involuntarily, or if an individual player is suspended from playing for the remainder of the season, the family may request a refund of fees with Registrar. Any such refund must be approved by the Board, and, if granted, will be prorated according to the number of past games for which the player or family was eligible, regardless of whether the player participated, and will take into account any family-maximum discount that the family may have received. This provision may be modified by other policies that deal with specific circumstances.

Program Late Fees
There is a $35 late fee for players registering after registration closes.

Late registering players will be assigned on a space-available basis to teams as necessary to even out roster numbers. If BSC teams are full, the registrar may be able to help find spots on teams from neighboring clubs.
Scholarship Information
The Bondurant Soccer Club has made modifications to its scholarship program. As in most organizations, volunteer hours fall below our yearly needs. To help alleviate this deficiency, we are asking that a parent/guardian repay some of our sponsorship of your child with a minimum of ten hours of volunteer time to our club. This volunteer time can be worked either in the concession stand or field maintenance area. Many of the hours can be fulfilled while your child is practicing during the week. Many clubs in the area have switched to this type of scholarship program as it is equally beneficial to both parties and is a benefit to the entire soccer organization.
Refund Policy
For those individuals requesting a refund prior to our registration deadline, reimbursement of full registration fees minus any fees incurred by the club will be provided.

For those individuals requesting a refund after the registration deadline but before season play begins, reimbursement of registration fees minus a minimum of $10 to defray costs already incurred by the soccer club will be provided.

For those individuals requesting a refund after the season begins, reimbursement will be provided at the Bondurant Soccer Club Board’s discretion. The maximum refund provided would be the registration fees minus a minimum of $20 to defray costs already incurred by the soccer club.
Ages and costs
All players are grouped by the year of birth, not the school year. For 2021/2022 season, it is:

*U17-U19 = 2004-2005 = $125
*U15-U16 = 2006-2007 = $125
*U13-U14 = 2008-2009 = $115
*U11-U12 = 2010-2011 = $115
*U9-U10 = 2012-2013 = $105
*U7-U8 = 2014-2015 = $105
*U5-U6 = 2016-2017 = $65
Playing up
Players that wish to play a level different than their age level or with a sibling on their team need to include that in their registration. Details about the request including reason for request and justifications. These details will be reviewed by the BSC Board for determination if the request will be granted.