Available Volunteer Opportunities

**Coach/Assistant Coach - set up practices, work with the kids, enjoy the game, learn lots from the kids.

**Concession stand duty - help sell concessions during a game when the stand at the BSC complex is open.

**Field clean up - picking up trash around the field that you may see before/during/after a game or practice.

**Field day - help put up/take down goals and nets; set up/take down fields for the season; clean/ready the concession stand. Typically at the beginning and ending of each season.

**Field readiness checks - for days when the weather may be questionable, help check to see if the players are able to use the fields.

**Mowing - use a riding mower to trim the fields in preparation of practices and games.

**Painting - paint field lines with a nice sprayer to allow you to help keep the field lines visible to all.

Training is available for any/all of these positions.

Please note: any volunteering that involves working with the players requires a background check. That registration will need to be completed prior to your being allowed to coach or help out with players. If it is not completed, you will not be allowed to assist the players. Any volunteering that does not directly involve the players does not require this check.