BSC Uniform Costs and Sizes
A uniform kit consists of 2 jerseys (1 home and 1 away), a single pair of blue shorts, and a pair of solid colored socks to match each of the jerseys (2 pairs total). Each part can be purchased together or separately. Costs listed may not include shipping costs if ordering separately after the season order has been placed.

*U7-U8 Kit = $35
*U7-U8 Jerseys (2) = $20
*U9-U19 Kit = $45
*U9-U19 Jerseys (2) = $30
*Shorts = $15
*Socks = $5

Jerseys and shorts do not have to be ordered in the same size so you are able to customize the uniform to fit your needs. Sizes available for jerseys and shorts are:
U9 - U19 White Jersey

U9 - U19 Blue Jersey

U7 - U8 White Jersey

U7 - U8 Blue Jersey

BSC Uniforms
BSC updated their uniforms as of fall 2017. Players U7 and older now have a home and away jerseys with socks that match . Players are expected to wear their solid white socks with the white jersey and the solid blue socks with the blue jersey. U7-U8 have different jerseys than those in U9-U19 and those may not include a number, but all have the same shorts and socks. Socks and shorts are always available at the concession stand if you need a new pair. Jerseys must be ordered through the equipment director. If you have any questions, issues with your uniform, or need to order a new uniform, please contact

U5-U6 players receive a Jersey shirt at the beginning of their season at no additional cost.